Hunting Unlimited 2013 Free Download

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Hunting Unlimited 2013 Free Download

You're playing free Supreme Deer Hunting as Free Online Games.

The only thing it lacks, is multiplayer.

The draw-in on the grass is extremely short, even on the highest settings.

HU4 is more on par with lower quality indi efforts.

Challenge your hunting skills in this classic hunting game.

Sadly, HU4 seems unfinished, when compared to HU3's rich offering.

In pains me to see the current state of this series, especially when considering what a masterpiece the previous game was.

The colors are too bright, giving the environments an artificial, 'cartoony' look.

The positive side, I suppose, is that Hunting Unlimited 3 still stands above all other hunting titles, as the finest in the genre.

The landscapes have a very generic, patchy look to them.

Earn points to upgrade your gear for better hunting.

A number of bugs even keep the tournaments from working properly.

The 'bullet cam' bullet lacks textures, it's totally white now.

Realistic shooting with range, weapon accuracy, etc.

In fact, most of what made HU3 such an outstanding experience, is either gone, or not working properly in this edition.

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Hunting Unlimited 2013 Free Download

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